Nikki Pattillo

Nikki used to be a clinical microbiologist, a molecular biologist, and now writes about psychic children.

She says, “You may wonder how I am qualified to write on psychic children. I am able to do this because I was one of those children and now channel messages from a group of Angels that want to help other psychic children that are lost, confused, lonely, and fearful, just as I was. It is my honor to help you figure out who you are and why you are here. To not be fearful of your incredible gifts and to pull inner strength from your spirit to continue your mission as a lightworker here on a group mission to help our Earth.”


A Day in Spirit
Children of the Stars
A Spiritual Evolution


Book Reviews

A Day in Spirit is a wonderful daily reminder to our teens that they are indeed beautiful inside and out. The daily devotions help them find their talents through mindfulness and specific practice. My daughter loved the monthly artwork and the positive message. She and her friends enjoyed discovering the message on their birthdays and other special dates.

My daughter finds “A Day in Spirit” “insightful” and “motivational”. We have enjoyed reading it together. She likes that she can read the daily paragraphs as she’s getting ready for school and find inspiration to live well and help others each morning. Recommended for all ages!