Lauren Lane Powell

Lauren earned a degree in Voice and Music Education from Indiana University in 1993. Through successful healing experiences with her students she was encouraged to study Sound Healing, particularly vocal toning.

For 12 ½ years she traveled extensively all across the country training people during workshops how to use their authentic voice. Then, in 2012, she received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. When she “went inside” she heard the message that she would use every single Life Lesson she had ever learned to get through it.  She also heard, “Do it differently. Have fun with it. Use your music. Change the way it looks and feels.”

Lauren shares her journey in her book, “Holy Shift! Everything is a Gift.”



Holy Shift! Everything’s a Gift.


Book Reviews

This book is AMAZING!!!! I had the fortune to do a forgiveness workshop Lauren did and my husband and myself were moved to tears by her incredibly enlightened views and that was a year prior to her first bout with Stage 3C ovarian cancer, which for those not familiar with the disease, is essentially Stage 4. I’m a “recovering Catholic” and too much religiosity I find offensive to my own very thought through spirituality, but Lauren’s essence is so honest yet so forgiving and accepting, and it comes through in her writing. I cried, and then I howled with laughter, and then I cried…The book is a true journey for the reader as you follow Lauren through a series of challenges that she continuously overcomes by not continuously being overwhelmed into fear- induced paralysis. As a two-time cancer survivor myself, and diagnosed with six autoimmune diseases, two of them “orphan” I read and try to implement as many regimens and interventions as my prolific search illuminates and this is a MASTERPIECE!

J. Rachel Tucker

“This story gives readers a formula for living, a formula that has wide application to life in general, even if it does not involve illness. It is a formula that takes the ordinary and through the power of love, faith, and community makes it extraordinary. It is an account that will invite you to reframe the challenges you may be facing, no matter what they may be.”

Frances Key, Author of The Team Books: A Mother’s Wisdom from the Other Side


“Most think the spiritual path is filled with hearts,  roses, and airy fairy feel–good affirmations. The opposite is true. It’s filled with obstacles and challenges and it’s up to the Spiritual Warrior to rise up with determination and use every tool in their esoteric training to overcome what is in front of them. Lauren Lane Powell is one of those Spiritual Warriors. Using her voice, her music and the ethereal sound that makes her, her, she shows us the way when adversity strikes.”

Jo Mooy
Staff writer for the Spirit of Maat magazine and
contributing writer for Transformation Magazine