After Nourishment, Shelter, and Companionship, Stories are the Thing We Need Most in the World

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Indie book publishing company in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Specialties include adult non-fiction, children, and teens. We publish printed books, ebooks, and audio books.

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Jonathan Pryce and the Magic Stone
By Temple Prince

In this fantasy, expanded from the original version, two wizards recruit Jonathan Pryce to combat an ancient evil. Jonathan becomes an interdimensional traveler under their tutelage and makes many new friends, including various animals and faeries.


Jonathan Pryce and the White Dragon
By Temple Prince

To be released in late Summer 2023. Book two of the Magic Stone trilogy. Jonathan Pryce reenters an interdimensional world to bring back a solution for the Earth and its out of control weather systems.


Hey, Can You Hear Us? Messages from Animals
By Myra Logan

Myra Logan, originally Houston-based animal communicator, recounts her journey into animal communication from the corporate world and shares what she has learned from the amazing animals in short vignettes taken from her readings.


A Day in Spirit
A Spiritual Calendar for Teens
By Nikki Pattillo

Nikki Pattillo, an angel communicator, guides teens toward trusting and communicating with their angels in this daily guide for spiritual growth.


Fly Bird Fly
By Linley Faire, Illustrations by Jen Bacher

Meet “Little Bird” and his family and follow him as he learns his first life lessons and how to overcome fear. Charming illustrations by Jen Bacher.

Holy Shift, Everything is a Gift
By Lauren Lane Powell

When Lauren Lane Powell, a popular workshop presenter on the Unity church circuit, discovers she has Stage 4 Ovarian cancer, she promptly applies her Unity teachings to dealing with her illness and complications arising from surgery in a different way than most people. This books abounds with full color photos and teaches the reader to embrace life through illness.